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“They work for Alberta!!!”

Justech Enterprises Ltd is an old company with a new twist, founded in 2002 Justech has been one of the leading Residential and commercial electrical company’s servicing Alberta Region, but that was all about to change in 2014 when the Founder Sameer Soadi suddenly died of a heart attack and passed away leaving the company in shambles with no direction. The company closed its doors in 2014 and was forced to sell some of its company assets to sustain owing money from clients that could not be collected, not only that, but they also lost all their builders and customers to a hungry booming market. 
Justin Soadi was Sameer’s son at the age of his death he was only 26 years old and just about to attempt his masters something that Sameer was very excited about but unfortunately never got to see happen. This story, however, takes a Big twist in 2015, Justin received his Alberta Master Electrical ticket and in 2016 Justech Enterprises Ltd was revitalized. Justin from there have amassed very many tickets he has received three Safety Codes officer tickets in Electrical and Fire investigation he is a certified SCO in group A electrical, Fire group level A, and fire investigator Group level 1 C, along with that he has a CFAA ticket and works in fire alarm systems and controls. He also holds a certified fiber optics ticket. He has always had a passion for inspecting.

Always challenging himself to be greater, Justin received his CMI in 2020 which stands for a certified master inspector with this ticket he opened Justech home inspections in Alberta. He brought on one of his most trusted friends to assist him, Ivan Pavicic. Ivan also has an extensive background; he has been a journeyman electrician for over 15 years and holds a CMI ticket. They met in an electrical school many years ago. Justech Home inspections are only starting in the home inspection industry but in the first year they had over 100 home inspections and in their second year, Justin thinks they will be around 250 Home inspections, which is amazing for a company that is new in that market. Justin accredits this success to the knowledge and background he strongly emphasizes education he studies every day for one hour on a trade-related subject and has since the day Sameer passed. When asking Justin what motivates him, he says it’s not his motivation, but more a dedication, he is dedicated to making Justech Enterprises Ltd one of the most known companies across Alberta. He never compares himself to another company the way he says it is “it is a horse race from start to finish but I’m the only horse with blinders I only see a start and finish line.” He also says he doesn’t always do the job for money for him its more of a passion or a memory of his dad, once you work for money that becomes a job but if you work for something you are passionate about that becomes a way of life. 

What sets aside Justech from all their competitors is diversification they are extremely big in bringing old homes up to code whether it be renovations, flips, new construction, multiplexes, or infills they have high knowledge in almost anything when coming to electrical. They have wired over 1000 homes in the Edmonton region and finished some big jobs in recent years, when I asked Justin what his biggest job was in the last 5 years, he was very fast on saying they completed a meat factory assembly line in Leduc, Alberta. This is an Alberta government building and held to the highest standards when coming to electrical code wiring and government standards. They are not shy of posting their work on social media platforms, they have very many projects from start to finish on their platforms. This company likes to showcase aerial drones they have many videos showing all the homes they have inspected and projects they have completed. Justin makes it a priority that deficiencies are not shown in any of his social media postings he strongly believes this is a personal issue between the homeowners, sellers, and agents and should not be something show cased to gain credibility, they rather show the beauty of the home and the benefits of the home for the initial buyer and have them discuss the reports with their agents or sellers. One look at their website and you will see all the services this company provides when it comes to home inspections their website is, they also have Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn  

When asked what some of the biggest challenges the business and the market are facing is the price of inflation and rising costs of materials. The recession is causing the housing market to cool and is also a noticeable factor in the market, therefore diversification Justin believes is their strongest asset to competition. When one side of the business cools, the others heat up by having multiple paths of business and different avenues, he maneuvers the company into what is trending. He says right now is the renovation and flipping of businesses that are trending. Houses are declining in pricing. Albertans are buying homes and renovating them and selling them at higher prices as mortgage helpers and secondary suites are needed for some people to maintain a mortgage and rental demands along with investments. This is where he works the best, he maneuvers the home inspection business into an electrical business when times are slow, or times are trending. He also keeps a team of trades people in his pocket he believes loyalty and trust are the greatest two assets to any company so anything he inspects or wires he always recommends his trades companies; he believes by providing them jobs they will provide back the jobs when the tables are reversed, it very common around justech to see the same trades people and companies working around them. 

The opportunities Justin sees in the future are endless, whether it be green energy or demand in housing. Canadas’s demand is only going up with the population growth and affordability in the Edmonton and Calgary regions of Alberta. He also believes that the fire protection of homes will grow, and the safety of homes will become a more important issues as they expand into regions outside of capitals. There will be more demand for fire safety as it may take longer for fire departments to get to the home or buildings. Technology will change and power grids will have to be upgraded for electrical vehicle charging. When it comes to home inspections, he believes there will be a demand for home inspections as 1000’s transactions take place every day in the real estate market. He forecasts demand for electrical in the next 50 years with train stations, green energy, and his favorite word diversification will occur throughout the world. Technology will forever evolve but with technology, they must also learn to evolve and grow with the demand of it, which will create jobs and companies. 

When asked what advice I can give to others about business, I believe in dedication and will power these will be anyone’s two greatest assets there are going to be days where you want to give up, nobody will believe in you and some people will even go as far to shun you, even call you crazy or insane. My advice is when that’s happening that’s when you’re really succeeding. I have a harsh statement I always use if they're not helping you grow or benefit your company in any way don’t have those negative people around you, only carry creators, positive people, and people who want to always supersede themselves. The word patience carries so much value to it, patience is the key to any entrepreneur nothing will be built overnight, and you will spend countless hours building your brand and business. I love to FAIL I don’t even like that word I believe failing is such a positive word to me because failing is learning and without learning you won’t achieve anything, so fail away but use an optimistic mind and attitude towards it. I have no fear I don’t care what people think of me, I post images and videos on my social media platforms all the time I don’t care about the negative comments or if people think it's dumb, I don’t have time for what people care to think. They're not running or building my company and most likely people who have time to do that 99 % of the time don’t even know what It takes to run a company or aren’t in any better position than you. They just use the negative energy and negative energy goes nowhere when it comes to Justech Enterprises success. Always continue to educate yourself and grow each day. If you put in the work results will come. I believe never being shy and always telling people what you are doing will also benefit you, people tend to remember you when they require a service. Always I wouldn’t be anywhere without the support of my team, Teamwork is the greatest asset to any company and without a creative team, there’s no success. I am a true believer in giving back to your community this action will cause positive effects on your life and career. I will end with my favorite quote “Success doesn’t come to the most intelligent or the most talented, success comes to those who are the most hungry so let me ask you? how hungry are you for success”. That’s the truest advice I can give to any entrepreneur.

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